At Elephants At 9 Dee Phuket, we’ve created a safe, natural, and sustainable habitat for our elephants to live in.

We provide as many elephants as possible with good health, freedom, and happiness that they truly deserve. We’ve created a safe, natural, sustainable habitat for our elephants to live and thrive in, as they aren’t able to just be released to the wilderness, because they don’t fit in and wouldn’t know how to survive. We’ve created a haven for these retired gentle giants that used to work in building yards, entertainment shows, throughout the tourism industry, which has changed their role in Thai society.

With the help of our guests and visitors, we can give these elephants the life they deserve with healthy food, veterinary care, plenty of land to roam on, and even a mud spa to play and cool down in on our hot Phuket days.


Historically, elephants in Thailand have been used as laborers, carrying heavy loads from the jungle where vehicles were unable to go. However, more recently, they are used to attract tourists, whether it is by performing tricks in an entertainment venue, out walking the hot sands of the beach for photos, or carrying tourists on their backs for trekking expeditions. Because of this, the elephants are often mistreated, beaten, or injured.

At Elephants At 9 Dee Phuket, we are proud of our strict policy on the treatment of our elephants. Our mission is to provide as many elephants as possible with the good health, freedom, and happiness they truly deserve. We use our progressive and ethically responsible approach to elephant eco-tourism as a platform to raise awareness and educate people from Thailand and around the world about elephant care and the plight of the Asian elephant.


It is estimated that at the turn of the century, Asian elephant numbers were approximately 100,000 in Thailand and likely in the millions globally. However, currently, worldwide, the population has decreased to around 30,000; of these, only 2,500 – 4,000 live in Thailand and most of those living in captivity.

Unfortunately, increases in the human population tend to lead to a reduction in the number of living elephants, the main reason for this being poaching and loss of habitat.


What are you doing to help?

At the Elephants At 9 Dee Phuket, we are offering elephants a place to live free from danger or harm. We keep them together as a family and do not torture or train them, meaning we do not allow any tourist to ride them, teach them tricks, or make them perform in any way.

Our goal is to show people up close and personal what unique animals they are and help them realize that they deserve to be treated with love, care, and respect. Elephants At 9 Dee Phuket is continuously on the lookout for injured elephants, older elephants unable to perform or at risk elephants to purchase from owners.

By offering the owners a monthly salary of what they would typically receive from making the elephants work, they allow us to keep them in our sanctuary and care for them, giving them a healthier, happier life.


How can I help?

There are a few different ways that you can help! By visiting and volunteering – the money that we receive from people visiting our camp and volunteering is used to keep the elephants happy and living a lifestyle without force. Sponsoring an elephant – the money we collect when you sponsor an elephant ensures that the elephant is continually provided with healthy food and veterinary care. It also helps us free up funds to be able to remove even more elephants from the streets and entertainment shows.

What is the money used for?

The money we receive from visits, volunteers, merchandise and donations is primarily used for elephant rescue food, veterinary care, infrastructure, and land, so that we may continually be growing and expanding the capacity of rescuing more elephants.

Additionally, some of the money is also designated toward compensating the local owners of the elephants so that they let us care for them, instead of making them work.

How many elephants do you have?

Currently, Elephant Retirement 9 Dee Phuket is home to 5 formerly mistreated elephants that are now free to enjoy their lives and hopefully many more to come!

How many more elephants can you rescue?

We still have plenty of land at our sanctuary that we can develop to provide more elephants a peaceful home. However, our ability to fund such development and upgrades is directly proportional to the number of visitors, volunteers, and sponsors we receive.

Do you work with other charities?

Currently, we are not working with any other charities, but we look forward to collaborations soon.


Can I organize a special function with you?

We are happy to accommodate your particular function. Whether it is a birthday party, team building or any other event, we are here to give you an unforgettable experience with our elephants. All you must do is contact us for more details.